Backstreet Boys 20th Anniversary Cruise

The Backstreet Boys Cruise is BACK! Adventure to the Bahamas with the boys on their third cruise October 25-28, 2013 to celebrate their 20 Year Anniversary!

Past cruisers and fan club members can begin booking cabins on October 3, 2012, and the public on-sale is October 4, 2012.

For more info, head over to http://www.backstreetboyscruise.com

  1. drinkmorefaster avatar

    I have a spot E152 - Ocean View Stateroom and im not going to be able to go if your interested in taking over my reservation. Its $1948.00 for the reservation and $100 for the name change and I would be more than happy to split that with you. Let me know! [email protected]

  2. Emma Cardenas avatar

    Does anyone know when they will be selling pre cruise vip tickets?
    How much are they as well?
    Also, When do they normally tell you about the theme nights..
    CAN"T WAIT!!!

  3. Kimberleyx11 avatar

    Wish I could but I live in the UK :(

  4. KIMBSB20YRFAN avatar

    Would love to go :(

  5. pamelucha avatar

    I love the idea but i cant go. Its far away fron home. Maybe you can do one y south america

  6. Mai avatar

    is it still sold out?! O.o OMG

  7. debra avatar

    does anyone know when they selling tickets to pre-cruise party? went last year---great time!

  8. TiaBrian avatar

    Thanks Lindsay

  9. Lindsey_BSB&AJLover avatar

    KTBSPA = Keep The BackStreet Pride Alive!!!

  10. TiaBrian avatar

    does someone can tell me what ktbspa means?

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