BSB Takes New York

Hundreds of fans came out to the BSB Takes New York event last week! Want a peek at some of the songs that were performed? Watch the videos below:

Pick up meet & greet photos here, and photos from the event here.

  1. gfra82 avatar

    Amazing.... I love you guys... ;)

  2. Roxie avatar

    I just hope that one day, I would be able to see them in flesh as I am way too far from them. I am a Filipina, proud to be BSB pinoy......

  3. NatashaMarie1198 avatar

    @sweetDFan No i was a couple rows back where nick stopped once he was in the crowd i have a white halter on, the video isnt the best quality so u cant tell, we were originally the last ones in the row then everyone piled around us.

  4. inlovewithbsb avatar

    totally awesome!.

    thank's for sharing the vids!!!.


  5. ILoveNickolasGeneCarter avatar

    Love the videos and can't wait for the new album :) Thanks for sharing!
    If anyone is looking for a This is Us key chain, e-mail me at [email protected] :)

  6. Sweet D Fan avatar

    I would like to know why at the 1:05 mark in the Larger Than Life video, there appears to be a fan with blonde hair standing in the bronze section TAKING PICTURES WITH A DIGITAL CAMERA when we were all told we couldn't take pictures/video....

  7. francocarterlittrell avatar

    all pictures with boys and fans are beautiful and very nice

  8. Sweet D Fan avatar

    @natashamarie, good to know about the documentary! Were you wearing a green see-through shirt over another shirt and shorts?

    I'm right at the end of the row I was sitting in so I'm not easy to spot. Oh well.

  9. francocarterlittrell avatar

    very nice videos with fans really very cool and boys always also crazy and funny

  10. NatashaMarie1198 avatar

    especially since I was right where nick came into the crowd!

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